Newborn Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Did you know that in 2017, the global mortality rate of newborn babies was 18 deaths every 1000 live births?

This is according to the data of Maternal Health Task Force at the Harvard Chan School Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health.

A portion of this rate is caused by illnesses and accidents, but some deaths are also due to newborn care mistakes.

This then entitles newborn care to be a top priority among new parents, especially new moms all over the world.

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Newborn care is crucial!

If you are a new mom, you have to know this simple fact: Newborn babies are very delicate, vulnerable, and dependent.

Without your care, love, and attention, your newborn baby could be in danger.

In fact, without you or any guardian at all, your baby could not even survive.

Newborn babies need your utmost care in terms of feeding them, keeping them warm and clean, letting them sleep, and making sure they are comfortable and safe at all times.

As a new mom, it is then your duty to learn and equip yourself with the important knowledge of proper newborn care.

Newborn care mistakes to avoid as a first time parent

1) Not getting enough help in the beginning

If you are still young, or someone who is entirely new to being a mom regardless of your age, it is very important to get all the help that you need from the very beginning.

This includes your OB-GYNE, husband/boyfriend, midwife, pediatrician, nurses, and of course, your own mom or your relatives or friends who are also moms.

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These people will be of great help, especially in guiding you as you take care of your newborn baby.

They have the knowledge and wisdom that they can pass onto you so that you and your newborn will be safe, healthy, and happy.

Getting the right help for you and your baby will ensure that you and your baby stay happy, healthy, and safe.

2) Not educating yourself on the importance of baby sleep

Baby sleep is very important for your newborn’s growth and development.

If you don’t learn about the ways you can help your baby sleep well, your newborn and yourself will end up stressed and tired every time.

This will cause your newborn baby to be more prone to illnesses and this can also impede his/her growth and development.

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3) Giving up on breastfeeding too soon

Breastfeeding is very beneficial not just for your newborn baby but for yourself, too.

If you give up on breastfeeding too soon, your newborn might not be able to receive the same richness and nutrition value if he/she starts drinking milk formula too early.

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Also, breastfeeding can help you in maintaining a healthier weight after pregnancy.

4) Not having a night time routine

If you will not have a night time routine, you will find yourself and your baby wide awake at night when sleep is very much needed.

Observe your newborn and try to develop a daily routine so you and your baby can rest and sleep well when it matters the most.

5) Switching formulas too often

Different milk brands have different formulations.

Therefore, switching milk formulas too often can affect your baby’s growth and nutrition.

The best thing to do is ask for a doctor’s advice which formula is best for your newborn and sticking with it within the appropriate time frame.

6) Not doing enough tummy time

Tummy time or positioning your newborn baby on his/her tummy while awake is very important.


Because tummy time helps in the proper development of the trunk and neck muscles and in the prevention of skull deformations.

It is recommended to give your newborn baby tummy time for 3 to 5 minutes, 2 -3 times a day.

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