Birth Myths That Will Scare You Out of a Natural Birth (5 mythbusters!)

Busting the 5 most common myths about giving birth

Being a parent is one of the most challenging things ever.

As a pregnant women, you’ll always be told a lot of stories relating to labor, birth, and parenthood.

While 80% of these stories are worthwhile, the remaining 20% is misleading and could cause unnecessary fears.

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However, what you need to know is that the process of birth is often unique to every individual.

This article will take you through some of the most common birth myths that would scare you out of having a natural birth.

You are going to instantly bond with your baby

While many people will allude that moms bond with their newborns immediately, this isn’t true.

According to statistics, most mothers get an instant bond with their babies.

Similarly, babies take a lot of time to learn and strengthen their bonds with their mothers.

Naturally, bonding happens overtime.

As the mother provides basic care such as holding the baby, feeding them, changing their nappies, the bond starts to grow between the two.

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It is impossible to give birth naturally in a hospital setting

This is another common myth that you’ll hear from friends or relatives.

However, the reality is that you can give birth naturally in a hospital center.

Statistics show that there are mothers who deliver without necessarily taking medications in hospitals.

This happens under 2 circumstances;

  • the presence of unhelpful doctors who wait to long to give an epidural until it’s just too late
  • you request an unmedicated birth in your birth plan

You have to give birth on your back

Pregnant women are always told that before they give birth, they must lay on their backs for a successful delivery.

However, there are a lot of myths on this statement than facts.

According to physicians, mothers should be able to select the position by which they feel comfortable with.

Some physicians say that it’s more helpful if you are in an upright position.

However, don’t restrain yourself to a particular position when giving birth.

Instead, stay on the position that is not only comfortable but convenient for you.

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Once you have a c section, you cannot give birth vaginally

On frequent occasions, women will still have a normal childbirth even after having a previous cesarean birth.

However, this option can only be affected by the mother’s medical condition during pregnancy and at the time of birth.

For instance, if the mother’s first delivery was through a caesarian, she can decide to have the second baby vaginally.

However, if there are complications at the time of second delivery, she may need an emergency c section. So keep that in mind too.

Childbirth is like what you see on TV

The idea that childbirth is like what you see on TV or movies is completely outdated.

The childbirth witnessed on TVs and movies are usually dramatized.

Besides, they are always acted to depict childbirth as a painful or risky experience.

However, this isn’t a true reality.

True evidence shows that there are women who can deliver successfully without undergoing much labor pain.

At the same time, research studies also rule out childbirth as a risky happening.

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