How to Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

Stress during pregnancy

The time you spend pregnant could be the most special time of your life. I mean, you’re growing a baby. It’s a big deal!

Unfortunately, with pregnancy often comes stress.

Here are some ways to relieve that stress and ensure you have a joyful pregnancy.

Document your Pregnancy

Although all that research from above is certainly important, it’s equally as important to take time for just you and your baby, since focusing too much on getting rid of stress can be stressful in itself.

One way to cherish this time is by documenting the pregnancy.

This can be done by making scrapbooks, taking photos, recording home videos, or keeping a journal.

No matter how you choose to document it, those items will help you relax and focus on the journey of growing your family.

✅ A pregnancy planner and journal like this one is perfect to document AND plan for baby’s arrival.

Educate Yourself

A lot of the stress that women have while pregnant comes from the unknown.

Sometimes there can be so much happening in your body that it can overwhelm you.

The best thing you can do to relieve this stress is to do your research.

Make yourself as educated as you can about pregnancy, giving birth, post-birth, and caring for a newborn.

Leave yourself with as few unanswered questions as possible.

🤰 These online birth and newborn basics classes by Mommy Labor Nurse are perfect to start with.

Get Organized

How many times have you stressed yourself out because you forgot to pack a lunch or you couldn’t find your favorite jeans?

Pregnancy brain is real, and it’s okay to forget things every once in a while!

But if it happens often and causes you to stress, know that there’s something you can do about it: get organized here!

Whether this means using a planner to write down important dates, making a to-do list each morning, or deep-cleaning your entire house, there’s plenty that can be done to save you stress in the long run.

Drink Enough Water

It’s important to take care of yourself all the time, but especially when you’re pregnant.

At the very least, pregnant women should drink six 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

Not only will this improve your physical health, but it will also alleviate stress in your life.

Think of drinking enough water as cleansing your body. It keeps you happy, healthy, and stress free!

Choose Foods Carefully and Snack Often

Did you know that certain foods can actually increase your stress levels?

Check with your doctor to get a comprehensive list of what to avoid during pregnancy, however, one of the most common categories that cause stress is sweets.

So, if you’re having a particularly stressful day, it might be tempting to go towards the ice cream, chocolate, and soda, but keep in mind that those may do more harm than good.

Instead, opt for leafy greens and homemade meals, and make sure you snack throughout the day to avoid hunger-related stress.

Check out my FREE pregnancy diet pack here. This will help you with your food choices during pregnancy!

Exercise Safely and Carefully

Sometimes exercising is the last thing you feel like doing when you’re carrying a baby around inside you, but it is so important for both your physical and emotional health.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which make your body feel good.

Even if it’s difficult to find the motivation to work out while pregnant, the stress-free happiness it brings will be worth it.

As a side note: make sure you’re extra safe while exercising, and consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

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How to Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

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