7 Breastfeeding Station Essentials Every Mom Should Have Handy

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Hello, mama…

How is your day going?

Guess it hasn’t been an easy ride being a mom – waking up at 2:00 am to feed your little one.

7 Breastfeeding Station Essentials Every Mom Should Have Handy. Breastfeeding tips for beginners | Breastfeeding 101 | breastfeeding essentials #breastfeedingtips #breastfeeding101 #habitatformom

Have you been having a hard time gathering the things you need to make breastfeeding your baby an enjoyable experience?

What you are searching for is a breastfeeding station or nursing station.

A breastfeeding station is a nearby stash of the essential things you would need while breastfeeding your baby.

Well, worry no more, because I will be here to guide you through the list of things you would need to make breastfeeding a relatable experience!

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Here are 7 Breastfeeding Station Essentials:

1) Nursing Basket

This is the very first item that comes to mind when gathering nursing station essentials.

You would need a basket, or a container of sorts to put in every other thing you would need while breastfeeding your baby.

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2) Water Bottle

You need a handy water bottle to drink from while breastfeeding your little one because you might get thirsty.

You always get thirsty as a nursing mum anyway, so do your best to stay hydrated at all times.

3) Nursing Pads

Since breastfeeding can take place anywhere, a  breast pad would come in handy while nursing.

This is to prevent breast milk leakage and the possible embarrassment that comes with breast milk leakage.

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4) Nipple Ointment

Yes, our nipples get dry and possibly get cracked when breastfeeding our babies.

Cracks on the nipples can range from mild to severe.

And, believe me, you don’t want to experience the pains arising from severely cracked lips.

If your nipples are cracked already and you want to sooth them, buy a lanolin creme and moisturize the affected area.

Lanolin cremes are organic, so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your baby’s health. It’s totally harmless.

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5) Lactation Cookies

These are cookies that are laden with the nutrients you need as a lactating mother.

They can be prepared at home, or even gotten at a local store. For the record, they are very delicious.

In the absence of lactation cookies, you can have Organic Mother’s Milk Tea.

So far, there have been amazing reviews on this product. It is said to boost breast milk production.

Who wouldn’t want a supplement for your breast milk?

Apart from the fact that this product boosts breast milk production, it is also very tasty.

You wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the world.

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6) Burp Napkins

Burping is an unavoidable part of the breastfeeding process, and a little napkin or towel would come in handy when your baby burps.

You can also get a clean cloth you would use to clean your breasts before and after breastfeeding.

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7) Lip balm

As funny as it may sound to your motherly ears, you would not want to kiss your little bundle of joy with cracked or chapped lips.

The process of breastfeeding could get you dehydrated, and that can explain why your lips appear very dry.

Applying lip balm once in a while, or when the need arises can guarantee you a nice healthy look to your lips.

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Go get a quiet nursing station with all the nursing essentials you need to be on the go. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

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7 Breastfeeding Station Essentials Every Mom Should Have Handy. Breastfeeding 101 | Breastfeeding tips for new moms | Breastfeeding tips. #breastfeeding #habitatformom