How to Take the Fear Out of Giving Birth for the First Time

Overcoming fear of childbirth When you are pregnant for the first time it is a wonderful experience. The only problem is that you are surrounded by everybody else’s birthing stories. Some of these stories can make you feel intimidated or even scared for your first-time labor experience. A great way to take the fear out […]

What Not to Do After Giving Birth

Restrictions after giving birth Congratulations on the new bundle of joy mama! If you’re here before or after your baby arrives, let’s see what we should NOT be doing after baby is born. Disclaimer: Talk to your dr. about these activities in detail and follow up to see when it’s OK to start doing some […]

Do Guys Go to Birthing Classes? (yes! and here’s why…)

Are you going to be a dad? Congratulations! But have you done enough preparations for that? Well, you have provided all the support your wife needs throughout the pregnancy, attended all the antenatal visits, nodded with excitement during the ultrasound, and ensured you’re all ready to receive your bundle of joy. However, there is still […]

10 Easy Ways To Prepare for Postpartum While You Are Still Pregnant

How to prepare for postpartum before your due date There is probably not a time in a woman’s life that is so joyful and nerve-wracking at the same time than those weeks just before giving birth, except possibly those weeks just after giving birth! Truly, those first weeks at home with your baby are sure […]

How to Stay Positive During Pregnancy (happy pregnancy happy baby)

Positive Thinking for Pregnancy Pregnancy is harder than it appears to be, we often watch other pregnant women doing things that look completely average when they are really doing a truly miraculous and amazing thing, creating life! But it really doesn’t feel that way sometimes especially if we are the ones that get swollen feet […]