25 Beautiful Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

Are you looking for beautiful Christmas trees for a small space? I have just the right ideas and Christmas trees in this post for Someone Like You.

I too live in a super small space and need to find ideas to make Christmas come alive for my son.

Luckily there are so many cool ideas these days and I’ve gathered them up here for you.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Christmas tree, a pencil Christmas tree, a pop-up tinsel Christmas tree, or something completely different, there is something in here for everyone.

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15 Small Space Christmas Tree Ideas

#1. Small White Tree

#2. Tree in a Basket

#3. Tree in a Pitcher

#4. Small Rustic Tree

#5. Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

#6. Wooden Pellet Christmas Tree


#7. Pencil Christmas Tree for Narrow Spaces

#8. Scandi Chic Christmas Tree in a Basket

#9. Small Pastel Table Top Christmas Tree

#10. Colorful Sparse Tree


#11. Mini Tree Outside

#12. Corner Tree

#13. Dowel Christmas Tree

#14. Oversized Christmas Tree Banner

#15. Canvas Christmas Tree

Lonny Magazine

10 Small Christmas Trees You Can Buy Off Amazon

#16. Artificial Slim Christmas Tree

#17. Snow Flocked Artificial Pencil Christmas Tree

#18. Collapsible 65 Lighted Christmas Tree

#19. Aluminum Christmas Tree with Color Wheel Set

#20. 7 Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Half Pine Christmas Tree

#21. Pop Up Christmas Tinsel Tree

#22. Skinny Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

#23. Pre-lit Christmas Pine Tree

#24. National Tree Company Artificial Pre-Lit Slim Christmas Tree

#25. Pop Up Christmas Tinsel Slim Tree

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