40 Christmas Cookie Recipes

I don’t know about you but when I think of Christmas I think of all those sweet desserts that come with it.

Today I have a ton of Christmas cookie recipes that every single person reading this needs to try once in their lifetime.

Whether you love chocolates or you love minty I’ve got it all here for you then some of them are even combined with the best flavors I’ve ever seen.

If you have kids Christmas cookies are a must have in your house and what better way than to spread the Christmas cheer then baking them with your children as a fun Christmas tradition.

You can also use these Christmas cookie recipes to fill some Christmas gift baskets that you’re making for your neighbors or friends.

If you end up making any of these recipes you can pin it’s to Pinterest and then show me with the tried it button! I love seeing your re creations come alive. Happy holidays!

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40 Christmas Cookie Recipes

#1. Christmas Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

#2. Italian Christmas Cookies

#3. Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies

#4. Christmas Cookie Pinwheels

#5. Snowball Christmas Cookies

#6. M&Ms Christmas Cookies

#7. Angel and Gingerbread Man Shaped Christmas Sugar Cookies

#8. Chocolate Crinkle Christmas Cookies

#9. Candy Cane Oreo Christmas Cookies

#10. Chocolate Peppermint Patty Cookies

#11. Marshmallow Stuffed Christmas Chocolate Cookies

Smart School House

#12. Raspberry Almond Shortbread Christmas Cookies

#13. Frosted Peppermint Brownie Cookies

#14. Candy Cane Kiss Christmas Cookies

#15. More Candy Cane Kiss Christmas Cookies

#16. White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies

#17. Ricotta Cheese Christmas Cookies

#18. Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

#19. Christmas Cookie Tree

#20. Candy Cane Cookies

#21. Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookies

#22. Mickey & Minnie Mouse Christmas Cookies

#23. Glazed Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

#24. Hot Cocoa Christmas Cookies

#25. Grinch Cookies

#26. Christmas Pretzel Hug Cookies

#27. Easy Snowman OREO Cookie Balls

#28. Caramel Twix Cookies

#29. Gingerbread Cookies

#30. Cake Batter Christmas Cookies

#31. Holiday Sugar Cookies

#32. Chewy Molasses Sugar Cookies

#33. Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles

#34. Royal Iced Sugar Cookies

#35. Nutella White Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies

#36. Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches

#37. Chocolate Peppermint Chip Cookies

#38. Christmas Wreath Cookies

#39. Reindeer Cookie Pops

#40. Andes Mint Cookies

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