Easy Tummy Time Tips for Your Newborn

If you’re looking for some newborn tummy time tips then this is the post for you.

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I’ve been a preschool teacher for over 10 years and I’m going to tell you the secrets for tummy time success!

We know how vital it is to put your baby on their back to sleep; it prevents the much dreaded Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

We all agree that our baby should sleep on their back; however, it is also important that they spend time on their stomach, provided that they are supervised, constantly alternating the postures during the day.

I recommend changing your newborns activity every 30 minutes throughout the day so they don’t get bored or feel neglected.

I used this tummy time mat and my son wasn’t a big fan of it until I propped him up a bit more using this pillow rather than the one that was provided. (remember to always monitor your baby when giving them tummy time especially when using pillows and toys like these)

I have worked in the newborn rooms in preschools for over 10 years and the best thing you can do for your baby during tummy time is letting them look at themselves using a cute little mirror like this one.

Tummy Time means precisely this that your baby spends a while lying on their stomach supported on their forearms while they are awake.

Today we will discuss its importance and the best tummy time tips for your baby.

Why is Tummy Time Important For Your Baby?

– Development of your baby’s motor skills

Spending enough tummy time will promote the development of their balance, visual, and listening skills.

Most importantly, tummy time will help to strengthen your newborn’s neck, head, shoulder muscles, and back.

This will be needed in the future to push, roll to the side, stand up, get up, and crawl.

– Normal development of your baby’s head

As a consequence of the campaign “Back to Sleep!” of the AAP to help prevent SIDS, which managed to reduce the number of deaths by 40% , there has been an increase in the number of children with flattening in the occipital area of the head (plagiocephaly).

By placing your baby on their stomach for a certain time, prevents possible alterations in the growth of the head bones.

– Development of your baby’s sensory skills

Placing your baby tummy time during the day encourages them to develop sensory and perceptual skills.

It is also favorable for improving socio-emotional skills, learning, and adaptation to challenges.

When your baby is face down, they remains alert and better perceive their surroundings.

When To Start Tummy Time?

Babies can start tummy time from a very young age.

It is advisable to wait until the umbilical cord has completely detached to avoid tearing or discomfort.

This can happen anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks of age.

Before we move on: if you are interested in learning more about basic newborn care I highly recommend this online class by Mommy Labor Nurse. It is packed with a ton of information on the first 3 months (4th trimester) with your newborn, every new mom should check it out here. (as a preschool teacher working with infants for 10+ years – I stand by this online course 100%)

How Long Should Baby Do Tummy Time Every Day?

You must do it within your baby’s daily routine.

Do tummy time with your newborn two or three times a day.

Each session can last between 15 seconds and 15 minutes.

Everything will depend on how your baby adapts to tummy time and how much your newborn specifically tolerates tummy time.

How To Do Tummy Time?

When the tummy time session begins, your baby should be fed, clean, and rested beforehand.

It is better to wait until an hour after eating to avoid reflux as well… (we don’t want no spit up!)

GENTLY RESTING YOUR BABY’S HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDER. By switching shoulders, you will encourage your baby to turn their head to either side.

As your baby gets stronger and gains more control of their head and neck, they will need less support.

HOLD YOUR NEWBORN BABY SO THAT HE IS FACING FORWARD, carefully balancing your baby’s head and neck with their back against you.

FACE DOWN, WITH YOUR ARM UNDER THE CHEST. If your baby is very young, it is necessary to support their head and chest, however, as they grow and becomes stronger, this will be less necessary.

When your baby is stronger, you can play THE AIRPLANE with them, pretending to be flying while you hold them.

PLAYING ON THE FLOOR WITH YOUR BABY. Place toys on either side to encourage them to turn their head and motivate them to use their hands.

GIVING HEAD-TO-TOE MASSAGE after a diaper change or bathing.

With YOUR BABY ON YOUR LAP, raise one leg higher than the other, so it will be easier for them to lift their head.

I hope you got some good ideas from this quick list of tummy time tips to try with your newborn.

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