7 Fun Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home mom hobbies that are worth trying

The confinement is longer and longer, and the ways to entertain ourselves are increasingly rare.

As a mother, do you feel overwhelmed with so many household chores?

Are you frustrated with being at home for so long?

Fortunately, there are some activities or hobbies that we can do at home to occupy our time and possibly even make some extra cash!

Undoubtedly, during the day or the week, there are times when you are free from chores and with enough time to dedicate it to yourself.

I know everyone says sleep when the baby sleeps but honestly mama, I would take this time to do something to better yourself and make yourself feel good and accomplished with the day. 


These hobbies are sure to enchant you!



Sitting down to read allows you to go through beautiful worlds, enjoy ancient history or move to fantastic worlds without leaving your chair.

Still, the modern world has put books aside, leaving everything focused on what electronic media can offer.

With things like Kindle and audible it makes it a lot easier to have multiple books at your disposal whether that be fiction or nonfiction, personally my favorite are the self-help books that really get me motivated and out of my head as a stay at home mom. (I couldn’t put this one down)

You can also use the time to learn more about a specific topic that always caught your attention, such as another language.


Do you have a passion for helping other people? Do you like to write? Then blogging could be for you. 

I wrote a cool article about all the reasons you should start a blog here.

Heck you can even make some money on the side. I started with literally $0, I used this FREE blog plan and now I am making a full time income. (cray)

That’s how I’m able to stay home and be there for my son every day without worrying about going to work anymore.  

Obviously, this takes time so I wouldn’t suggest quitting your job and then starting a blog.

I would say think of it as a hobby but something that you will consider making money from it down the road.

You can talk about anything you want to as long as you know that it can help your readers along the way. 

When I first started this blog I was looking up to the ones who already made their blog a success like Lauren and Alex at create and go and Carly at mommy on purpose

I think it’s honestly super fun and fulfilling and it doesn’t hurt that you can make real money from it as well!


Cooking is another useful hobby with juicy benefits and art that hardly goes out of style.

You can focus it however you like; specialize in one type of recipe or another; share it or practice it alone.

Grab yourself a healthy cookbook and take this time and get into the kitchen!

Most of the time, there is not even a moment to breathe, and although fast foods save everyone’s life, it is always more beautiful to know how to prepare your food.

Take advantage of this time to familiarize yourself with spices, pans and everything that makes you eat more than decently.


Currently, on the internet, there are many quick videos and tutorials on delicious recipes.

What better way than to take advantage of this moment to make those recipes that you always wanted to make?

Maybe surprise your family?

Or just to give you the pleasure of eating that long-awaited chocolate cake?

Baking can eliminate your stress, and it does so by allowing you to channel unwanted or unhealthy energy into something productive and beautiful.


Gardening is a hobby that helps your mental health in significant ways; mainly, reducing anxiety and improving mood.

In the Preventive Medicine Reports analysis, the researchers reported that the effects related to mental health and gardening are overwhelmingly positive and increase life satisfaction.

Gardening is relaxing, allows you to exercise, and also provides you with your own food.

You don’t need a huge garden, a few plants at home, in pots, are the ideal way if it is a new experience in your life. (I started off with 2 of these guys)

Healthy plants will cheer you up every time you see them.


We live in a very stressful world.

Another way to pass your time and gain deep gratification is to do activities that relax both your muscles and mind.

And what do you need to start doing yoga? About 2 meters of space and maybe a mat.

I personally love going to my local yoga studio Down to Earth Yoga Studio, the atmosphere is superior and really keeps you accountable.

I only do this now that my son is in school.

Before that, I just popped on some youtube videos and followed along at home.

Meditation and yoga is an enjoyable activity, and it could easily go from being a hobby to an immensely beneficial habit.

The only thing you need to get started is a yoga mat and your body.


 Everyone and their mother knows that video is the way to go nowadays on the Internet.

If you have mom life hacks or just are interested in putting yourself out there on the Internet and showing your daily routines as a mom then YouTube could be just the thing for you to do!

If you like video editing and are interested in that kind of thing then I would say go for it.

I know a lot of people are scared to put themselves out there online.

But starting a YouTube channel can really help with your confidence as you keep doing it.

There is also a potential for making money with YouTube.

I personally have a YouTube channel (that i hardly ever post to) that has nothing to do with this blog but if you want to check it out you can see my awkward self here.

But if this is something you’re interested in that could become a really fun and potential money making hobby.

I personally love watching “clean with me” videos and “organizing” videos, so if that’s what you’re into there is always room for more videos like that on YouTube, trust me people want them! (It’s me, I’m people) 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these stay at home mom hobby ideas, thanks for reading and be sure to pin this to your Pinterest account so other stay at home moms can check it out too! or share this post to your social media, it really helps me out.

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