7 Fun Newborn Activities That Will Help Your Baby’s Development

Developmentally friendly newborn activities

Wondering which newborn activities to do with your newborn at home?

I have some infant development activities here in this post that are perfect for you and your newborn to do together or let your newborn explore by themselves nearby!

I always use a play yard to let my newborn play by themselves when mommy needs to do a little housework. It works out for the both of us! Especially because I can move it around the house wherever I go…

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As the parent of a newborn, you want everything to be perfect!

You likely spent hours researching which bottle to buy and what swaddle works best, but no one ever taught you how to play with a newborn.

Newborn activities

Sensory Mobiles: A mobile is one of the few independent newborn activities you can try. (we like this one!)

It encourages the development of gross and fine motor skills.

Your baby will be delighted to follow the spinning mobile with their eyes.

As they grow, you will begin to see them reach and grab for the spinning mobile.

This motion will help build the strength your baby needs to push up and eventually roll over.

Mirrors: Mirrors like this one are an excellent way for your baby to begin understanding social cues.

In the beginning, they won’t realize they are looking at their own face.

They will simply see another smiling baby looking back at them.

Spending time looking at themselves in the mirror will also help your baby develop the ability to focus their eyes.

Read a Book: Reading is an excellent developmental activity even for your newborn.

They will delight in hearing you make different sounds and expressions.

This book in black and white you can get on Amazon is a perfect first book for baby.

Other books I recommend starting off with:

All of these books are great to read to your newborn!

Reading is also one of the newborn activities that help promote social-emotional skills.

Plus, since your baby doesn’t understand what you are reading at this age, you can feel free to read whatever interests you.

A 2019 study done by the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics found that reading to a child every day will result in them hearing up to 1.4 million words in their first five years!

Swing and Dance: Get your baby moving!

Even before they can roll, your baby needs to stimulate their body and feel what it’s like to move.

This gets them ready for developmental milestones like sitting and rolling over.

Cycle Your Baby’s Legs: This motion has many benefits.

It helps relieve gas pains while also increasing your baby’s flexibility and range of motion.

Make it fun by singing, smiling, and cooing as you gently make circular bicycle motions with your baby’s legs.

Baby Sit-Ups: To master rolling over, your baby needs to build their shoulder and ab muscles.

Hold onto your baby’s hands to help them to sit up and lay back down.

You can enhance this by adding in a game of peek a boo.

Your baby will love the movement and the view of your smiling face.

Listen to Music: When a baby is in the womb, they find comfort in the beat of their mother’s heart.

After birth, music and sound can be just as comforting.

In addition to its soothing effects, music has shown to help brain development.

So, go ahead and put on some upbeat music while you play or let your baby make a few sounds of their own.


Having a newborn is a unique and special experience.

Help your baby develop and have some fun with these seven newborn activities.

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