7 Smart Ways to Simplify Mom Life

Simplify your life as a mom

Being a mother is something that will never be easy whether you only have one child or more.

It’s even harder when you are a working mom, which in recent years, now consists of 72% of moms out there.

Hence, it is very important to change some ways with regards to your lifestyle in order to reduce the stress of being a mom to keep you healthy as well as have extra time to do the stuff you love or spend more time with your kids and significant other.

In that regard, the following are some simple ways to simplify mom life.

Use a planner

Since most of the stuff that leads to stress in your life as a mom root from bad scheduling.

In this case, getting yourself a planner is probably the best thing you could do.

In your planner, you can plot your morning and night routines, your meal plans, as well as other stuff that is necessary for you.

With a planner like this one, the cases where you forget stuff would be lessened greatly, which is really an advantage especially if you are a very busy woman.

Stop buying all the toys

There’s no question that kids absolutely go crazy for toys.

Buying toys once in a while is absolutely fine since you can use it as a means of reward or encouragement for your child so that they’ll do well in school.

However, choosing what toy to buy can be one of the most stressful activities out there, especially if you have a really picky child. (like mine)

Worst of all, something you bought could end up being played with your child just a couple of times before being thrown away for a new one, creating an endless cycle until such time that your child is no longer interested in toys.

Instead of buying toys, let your child explore their creativity by letting them do worthwhile activities such as playing music or creating artwork.

This way, you’re not only developing your child’s skill, but you’re also saving yourself from stress as well as the unnecessary expense of buying new toys.

Declutter everything

There’s nothing more stressful to look at than a messy house when you get home from work.

Although you can’t completely remove the need to clean up after everyone’s mess, creating a systematic way of cleaning up everything can greatly reduce the workload needed to clean stuff up.

For example, you can set up stations for toys, unwashed clothes, and other particulars so that your kids will know where to put or throw away their stuff.

This would also serve as their lesson so that they’ll become more organized as time goes by.

If you are interested in learning some cool tricks to help you clean a messy house easily as a busy parent, read: 13 time saving cleaning hacks every mom should know

Have a morning and night routine

Another key to having a simple mom life is learning how to efficiently schedule all the stuff that needs to be done.

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For this, you should divide all the workload into two where one group should be done in the morning while the other one is for the evening.

This way, you are giving yourself a clear idea of what to do instead of just blindly doing work after work with no sign of an end.

After this, all you really need to do is strictly follow your schedule and do some improvements until you are satisfied with your routine overall.

Put your bills on autopay

It’s so frustrating to have late payment fees just because you forgot because mom life is just crazy.

However, we are already in an age that this kind of thing is no longer a problem. Thanks to technology.

The majority of your bills now have an autopay function where you only need to provide your bank account details.

Their system will automatically deduct your payment which is usually a day before your due date.

If you do not know how to do this, don’t be afraid to ask your banker for help, or have a friends or family member help you out.

Then, you only need to put enough money on your account so that the autopay function could work continuously.

Plan your meals weekly

Another stressful thing to think about is what you should have for your next meal.

To avoid the stress, you can plan your meals for the week ahead of time so that you won’t need to think too much about what you and your family should eat.

Planning your meals ahead can also give you more flexibility on how to balance the meals so that it would not only be delicious but also full of the necessary nutrition that you and your family need.

This family routines online course can help you, and is something I see a ton of busy moms using, they swear by it!

Be lenient with your child’s screen time

There will be moments where your child will go over your agreed screen time, which often leads to a recipe for disaster if your trying to strictly control it.

In this case, it all boils down to how patient you are in dealing with your child.

As much as possible, be lenient and reasonable enough and explain it in a way where even if your child is unwilling to yield, they would still understand what you are talking about.

Timers are a good idea also.

Being a mother is a rollercoaster of emotions, and we all need a little help sometimes.

keep things simple and don’t overstress yourself mama. you are doing great!

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7 Smart Ways to Simplify Mom Life

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