How to Take Pregnancy Selfies That Look Amazing {with pictures and examples}

How to take a bumpie (cute pregnancy selfies)

Being pregnant means showing it off mama!

Looking for great ways to take selfies for family and friends while pregnant?

Taking selfies is the norm now a days for just about everyone and their mother!

I know becoming a mother yourself is a big deal and we want to share that with the world.

Preparing for baby is a big deal and so is documenting your pregnancy journey.

I am sure you would love to take a decent selfie for documenting your pregnancy as well as social media posts.

Here are some awesome tips and tricks for taking stunning bump photos at home…

Use your smartphone

The smartphone has come along way in terms of camera pixels.

My iPhone is my go to camera for everything, and I was an avid digital camera user back in the day.

So whether you are using an android an iphone or a google phone, you can achieve professional looking photos on any updated device these days!

You can even use apps such as Lightroom to help with editing your photos after taking them, which is always super fun to do.

When to take pregnancy photos

When documenting your pregnancy a lot of women start taking belly photos right away! 

It’s super fun to see where you started and where you end up when documenting your pregnancy by taking pregnancy selfies and putting them into a pregnancy journal like this one.

It’s a perfect idea to have something like a pregnancy journal to put your pregnant belly photos in because you will keep those memories for years to come. 

It is always a fun way to look back on all of your pictures from when you were pregnant especially with your child when they are older.

Doing it from the very beginning shows your pregnancy belly progression each week.

You can even do a fun one at the end with you and your newborn in your hands lots of women do this and it is completely adorable!

How to take weekly baby bump pictures

(Laura Stennett)

Sometimes we all get a little busy in life especially when we’re pregnant and have so many to dues.

Remembering to take weekly baby bump photos is something a lot of women struggle with, and as a result they never get it done and wish they had.

Quick ways to remember to take your weekly baby bump  pictures could be to:

  •  set a reminder on your phone
  • put it on a calendar and stick the calendar on your fridge so you always see it
  • have your husband remind you
  • have a friend remind

You can also have a little set up with a tripod in your bedroom or your living room ready for those pregnancy selfies every week.

 Doing weekly pregnancy selfies are a great idea for social media, keeping friends and family updated or to put in your pregnancy journal more memories to come.

Don’t forget to use great lighting and maybe even use some printable pregnancy milestone cards in your photos as well.

You can also use an app with cute stickers to edit to your photo for social media purposes or to print out for your pregnancy book.

How to pose with baby bump

There are many ways that you can pose for a pregnant belly picture by yourself…

You can pose sideways and use your smartphone in the mirror like most women do.

You can also pose towards the front holding your belly at the bottom or at the top in the mirror orw with a tripod.

posing sitting down is also a really popular way to show off your pregnant belly.

You can also lay down and take the pregnancy picture by yourself, laying on your back looking towards the camera.

The options are endless!

At the end of this post I am going to round up a couple of my favorite pregnancy selfies that I found around the internet that are super cute and you can duplicate yourself.

Using a tripod

Using a tripod is a really cool way to get a good pregnancy picture by yourself.

They have amazing tripods with ring lights and you can do cool ways to angle the maternity pictures to your liking.

Amazon has great tripods to use that will hold anything from a phone to a tablet to a digital camera, really whatever you want.

Here are the 4 best tripods for taking maternity selfies…

(tap on each tripod to see more info)

Use the all time go to mirror

If your wanting to get your entire belly bump, use the mirror for your selfie!

Tons of women who are pregnant like you use this angle because it’s really the easiest.

Properly using the mirror can be flattering most of the time.

You can stand at your side and point the camera slightly upwards and away from you at a downward angle…

Here is an example of one lady who succeeded at the famous mirror pose while pregnant.

I don’t know who she is but whoever she is she looks great in these bumpie selfies!

You can achieve the mirror bumpie with either a large bathroom mirror, or a full size mirror somewhere in your house.

If you don’t have a big enough mirror using one like this is a great option.

Put something cute on for your maternity selfies

Taking a cute pregnancy selfie is all about the cute clothing (sometimes)!

Putting on a pretty two piece bathing suit or a beautiful pregnancy dress is perfect for the best pregnant belly photos!

You can even just pull your shirt up like I did many times before.

me when smartphones weren’t that great for taking pregnancy selfies

Taking the time to do your makeup and hair, put on a cute outfit and smiling can really make a difference (as I tell myself in this picture that I failed to do all these things with) 😂

If you have long hair, here are some awesome hair tutorials that don’t take long at all!

Fun places and unique ways to snap a pregnancy pic

  • with your husband or significant other
  • at the gym
  • in a bathing suit
  • in the nursery
  • with your pets
  • in the office
  • in the dressing room shopping for maternity clothes
  • at the beach by the ocean or laying on a towel
  • with another pregnant friend or family member
  • post pregnancy with your newborn
  • naked

21+ Pictures and examples of great looking baby bump selfies to do yourself

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How to Take Pregnancy Selfies That Look Amazing {with pictures and examples}

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