How to Document Your Pregnancy {5 creative ways}

Pregnancy memory ideas – cute ways to track pregnancy

Have you ever heard of Writing Therapy?

The basic premise regarding this concept is that journaling can enhance your sense of well-being, improve your working memory and according to a study, journaling for at least 20 minutes a day can lower your depression.

Generally, documenting your life is a great way of expressing your emotions through writing.

This is why a lot of experts in the field of parenting or pregnancy strongly suggest this.

If you are an expectant mother, then you should definitely learn how to document your pregnancy.

Aside from encouraging your creative juices to flow, it also helps you ease the impatience you feel while waiting for the big day whilst creating a memorabilia.

If you’re totally new to this concept, here are some useful tips to jumpstart your pregnancy diary.

Use a Pregnancy Journal

Because nobody has the time to DIY a journal, it’s best you purchase one online that is preset with pages upon pages of templates that you can use.

You would find a weight tracker, prenatal appointment sheets and other health related pages.

There should also be blank pages where you can freehand your thoughts into your journal.

Take Pictures Weekly

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Or as much as you can!

There is no greater memory than a photo.

In fact, you can even create a story using the pictures you take by tracking the growth of your belly.

Your imagination is your only limit as there are endless ideas on how to document your pregnancy through pictures.

Print them out too cause they would make a fitting decoration for your nursery or future family events.

Start a Pregnancy Blog

Don’t be afraid to join the blogging bandwagon.

So many mothers have used websites such as WordPress or Wix as a platform to showcase what they’re going through.

The great thing about this is that they get to share their lives with their audience, too.

This way, when you document your pregnancy, you get to share your experiences with a community of mothers just like you.

It’s a learning process for everyone.

It’s just a bonus that you get to grow your network!

Plus, these websites are really easy to use as before because they’ve got simpler interfaces now.

For instance, this blog is run on wordpress and is designed with the Divi theme (which is a visual builder), super easy to use and create content with!

Here are some no brainer reasons why every new mom should start a blog! 🙂

Write Letters to Your Baby

Imagine your child’s wedding in the future where you get to read them letters you wrote for them while they were in your womb – that would be the sweetest thing!

There isn’t going to be a dry eye around.

We know, it’s hard to compose a letter for someone you haven’t seen before.

So you can start by writing down your general dreams and aspirations for your child.

It can be as general as hoping he grows up happy or it can be as specific us wanting to teach him how to fish.

The Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner has templates you can use that are serious tear jerkers.

Either way, this is a great way to build a deeper connection with your baby.

Write Down Your Feelings Every Week

They say that the best part about an event is not the people or what transpired but how it made you feel.

This time of your life is sure to be overwhelming but inarguably, the feelings of happiness trump over any negative emotions.

It will help you to manage your sentiments better if you write them down.

Final Thoughts

Remember that learning how to document your pregnancy shouldn’t cost you too much.

It only requires a little bit of your time everyday and of course, your commitment and consistency.

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