6 Magical Benefits of a Natural Birth

Reasons to have a natural birth

There are two birth options medicated and unmedicated.

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Each has its risks but statistics have shown that approximately 68%of women receive epidurals during the first births.

If you prefer having a natural birth then the following are some benefits.

Read on and find out.

You will engage in breastfeeding early

Having a natural birth paves the way for early breastfeeding.

This is because babies born through natural birth are active and they will develop an early interest in breastfeeding.

On the other hand, women who use the medicated option might have a delay in breastfeeding.

Their babies experience drowsiness which will take time for them to adjust.

The epidural pain relief requires close monitoring of IV to stabilize the pressure.

Therefore, you should make some tangible decisions on birth considering potential side effects and its implications to the health of the baby.

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You are likely to have fewer complications in the future

Natural childbirth is a safe option because it doesn’t require surgical procedures.

This reduces associated risks that can occur in the future.

Additionally, inductions might lead to neurological disorders and autism which could have been avoided by opting for a natural birth.

Therefore, if you are having your first baby I would recommend that you go for natural childbirth because you are guaranteed safe deliveries in the future.

Your baby will receive beneficial bacteria

Natural birth is beneficial because babies will receive beneficial bacteria that are present in the mother’s body.

This helps them in developing immunity so that they can be able to face some allergies and infections.

This enhances their ability to fight infection which ensures they don’t become sickly.

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Labor is often shorter

Some women prefer medicated contractions to ease the pain but they are not aware that with the natural childbirth the labor is often shorter.

This is because when medications are used in interferes with hormones that are responsible for labor which ends up prolonging the labor process.

Women who opt for the natural process will take a shorter time since the body naturally enforces contractions and it gives some breaks.

Fast recovery

Recovery time is very essential when it comes to childbirth.

However, hormones play a greater role when it comes to recovery.

Most women who choose medicated options tend to take long because hormones are disrupted during the process making it hard for them to recover.

Unmedicated delivery allows your body to adjust and heal faster.

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Natural childbirth is empowering

Women who can go through natural childbirth will come out strong and empowered.

It increases your confidence because it makes you more grounded to face life’s challenges.

It will also enhance the bond with your baby because it is an unforgettable experience.


Natural childbirth is the way to go if you want to experience the benefits that I have listed in this article.

Some women are paranoid about feeling the pain but consider the benefits that you will experience after the process.

The most important thing is to prepare for labor adequately by eating the right diet and doing some low impact exercises.

Go the natural way and avoid future complications if you can.

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