7+ Super Helpful Tips for A Natural Birth in A Hospital Setting

How to have the most natural birth in a hospital

Having a natural birth is a desire of every mom.

Approximately 85% of women anticipate having a natural birth.

It is possible to have a successful one.

There are also lots of benefits that are associated with having a natural birth.

I have decided to address some tips that will lead you successfully into natural birth in the hospital.

So let’s get into it.

Have a positive natural birth education

Giving birth is more of a mental experience though you will have to prepare physically by engaging in some exercises and another healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, during preparation, you should equip yourself with knowledge on natural birth by watching documentaries or videos that instill positivity.

I have a video roundup post on positive birth Tedx Talks I think you’ll really love.

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Learn to face contractions

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You need to learn to face contractions because it influences the labor patterns.

Every contraction draws you closer to having your baby.

Don’t try to avert the pain because you will be making your muscle contract hence making the labor process more painful.

Embrace each contraction because that is what makes the difference.

Avoid induction

Avoid induction if you want to have a natural birth.

The inductions will make the contractions harder and longer than the natural contractions.

The good thing with having a natural contraction is that it gives you some breaks so that you can rest before getting the next contraction.

So there is no need for taking an induction medication even if you are requested by your nurse since you have the right to decline.

Get the baby into the right position

Positioning is very important when it comes to natural birth.

You might experience painful labor of your baby is not well positioned.

Ideally, ensure your baby’s head is facing downward and the arms tucked under the chin.

You can achieve such a position by taking more walks, bouncing on a ball, and doing some stretches.

If you are worried about taking care of baby after they are born I HIGHLY suggest checking this newborn basics class out here. I haven’t seen anything like it online yet, and it’s super affordable! 🙂

Labor at home as long as possible

In the birth class Birth it Up by Mommy Labor Nurse she talks about this very thing!

It is extremely important you try and make sure you are WAITING until you KNOW you have to go to the hospital that instant.

Mommy labor nurse breaks it down for you and really tells you exactly when to know, when its time!

So you can get into and out of the hospital quickly with your new baby…

For the price of this natural online birth class I wouldn’t hesitate to BUY NOW.

Eat and drink during labor

Eating and drinking during labor is vital in getting through natural birth.

Therefore, you need to ask your nurse or Dr. to allow you so that you can gather the energy that you need when giving birth.

I understand that most hospitals have policies that forbid intake of food but not all of them have, soe be sure to check with the proper person to get your needs met.

(this should be something you question the hospital on your tour as well.)

Write a birth plan

Having a birth plan is very essential when it comes to having a natural birth.

You can outline how you want your labor and delivery process to be.

Additionally, a birth plan also helps you to communicate your wishes that will see you have a safe and natural delivery in a hospital set up.

Get this FREE guide I found on Amazon – How to Create a Birth Plan: An Essential Guide to Making Decisions and Writing a Birth Plan

Prepare to throw your birth plan out of the window

Each birth comes with unique experiences.

Therefore, you should be open-minded and flexible.

So don’t get too attached to your birth plan.

Instead, be optimistic, and since you don’t know what will unfolds during the experience.

I had a plan of giving birth naturally, I ended up getting an epidural, and then getting an emergency C-Section!

Things happen, you gotta roll with it at the moment it’s presented to you mama.

Have a support system in place

Ensure you have the support from the Dr. and the nurses so that they know that you that you want to have a natural birth in the hospital.

By being prepared then the hospital should give you the support and guidance you need, or if you have a doula even better!

Make sure you have everyone on your team, meaning, the hospital staff, your doula if you have one, and your partner and family are all on the same page.

Getting Educated for A Natural Birth

Knowledge is power hence every mom should take childbirth education because it helps them to prepare adequately for labor and delivery.

Studies have shown that approximately 90% of women who attend childbirth classes have a successful vaginal delivery.

Therefore, If you have ever been to a labor room or it is your first delivery then it is important to understand every childbirth is a unique experience and you can’t predict how it will be.

So the best thing is to be knowledgeable enough so that you can handle any challenges that can arise.

Why should I take childbirth classes?

I know most people are wondering if it is necessary to take childbirth classes right?

Well, the following are some of the reasons why childbirth classes are very significant.

It helps you connect with your labor coach- childbirth classes is a platform where you can connect with your labor coach- so that he can understand what you expect in your childbirth so that he can support you.

Address your fears-fear is common among women when it comes to childbirth.

Therefore, the class will ease the tension because the instructor will provide every information and answer questions.

Learn more about postpartum care, labor and delivery-childbirth is a process that doesn’t end after giving birth.

You should understand how the body responds to the process of birth.

Discuss pain management-pain is a nightmare to many when it comes to childbirth.

Therefore, these classes will help you learn how to cope with contractions, visualize, and relax.

Can I take childbirth classes from home

It is possible to take childbirth classes from home because you can use one platform.

Most providers have come up with such a platform to accommodate people who are not In a position to engage in one on one learning.

The most important thing is to ensure that your tutor is certified to ensure that you are getting the right information.

All you will be required to do is to have an internet connection and a PC so that you can take your classes online.

Mommy labor nurse is qualified and a wonderful teacher in her signature birth class called Birth it Up!

Are there different types of childbirth classes online

Different types of birth classes are available online.

They also cover specific objectives such as VBAC and C-sections.

There are also some beginner courses for those women who want to start with the basics.

Some of these online classes include:-

Birth it up this is an online class for those moms is prefer a natural birth options but they are paranoid on what to expect during the process.

So if you are a first-time mom and you don’t know what to expect then this is the most viable option.

Prenatal class the online prenatal class is also very important because the learning sessions are divided into three; before labor, labor, and after delivery.

This class is quick, fits your schedule, and very comprehensive.

It is packed with various learning materials that you can also engage your tutor (class by pulling curls) if you have some questions.


Childbirth classes are very essential and irrespective of the class that you choose to take you should consider your needs and the option that makes you comfortable.

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