How to Create a Solid Birth Plan {exactly what to include & request}

Birth plans for first time moms

The most important day of a mom’s life is when she is giving birth.

It is a period that you have to make major decisions on how you want your labor and delivery to be and still make some wishes.

Well, I know you have heard about creating a birth plan and you are wondering what it entails and if it is necessary right?

In this article, we will explore some birth plan ideas because they are useful in communicating birth wishes for you and your baby and even your partner.

Approximately 70% of moms have a positive perception of birth plans because the majority of them are aware of the benefits.

Therefore, read this article to get an in-depth understanding of birth plan ideas.

Considering you’ve landed on this post, you’re in the right place!

Let’s get into it…

What is a birth plan

A birth plan offers a platform where you can express your feelings and attitude to the medical personnel who are in charge of your delivery.

You can use it to communicate how you want the delivery to be done and even make some wishes.

However, you should be flexible in your birth plan because you might request some amenities that might not be available.

For instance, you might want to avoid a c-section or induction only to realize it is a safer method for your baby.

On the other hand, you might have requested a water birth but on the day you are delivering no birth pool is available.

Therefore, be open-minded and optimistic when coming up with a birth plan.

That is why you need to do some research on it so that you can know what you are expecting.

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When the time to deliver comes, allow your midwife or doula (or dr) to recommend what they feel is safe for both you and the baby.

Therefore, your birth plan should be more of a personal wish that reflects on your preferences directly.

What should I include in the birth plan?

The kind of information that you will include in a birth plan depends entirely on you.

Ideally, ensure you have captured the most essential components but still keep it short and coherent.

The following can be included in a birth plan.

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Where to give birth

This is the most fundamental component that should not miss in your birth plan.

The place where you want to give birth depends on the options available in your area.

However, the main ones include at home, at the birth center, and in the hospital.

Your midwife will advise you accordingly on the place where it is best for you.

Positions for labor and birth

You should mention the positions for your labor and delivery.

Specify if you want to kneel on the floor, lie on your side, stay upright in bed, etc.

Your birth partner

This includes the people that you want to be present during your delivery.

You can also specify if you want to have some private conversation with your partner regarding any intervention.

Pain relief

You can also give some pain relief measures that you want to be used during the process.

Common techniques that are used to ease labor pain include:-

TENs machine, acupuncture, massage, water birth, and breathing techniques.

Additionally, you can also outline the pain relief techniques that should be avoided.

Feeding and care

You can still go ahead and give your preferred feeding.

For instance, would you prefer breastfeeding or bottle feeding?

Why create a birth plan

Creating a birth plan is very important for every mom because it gives you a platform.

Where you can present your option for labor, delivery, and baby’s care.

It also helps you to have organized thoughts on what to expect during the entire process.

Additionally, it also provides a communication framework between you and the medical personnel who are facilitating your delivery.

Therefore, I emphasize that if you have never tried using a birth plan you can give it a try and you will appreciate its efficiency when it comes to giving birth.

Most people don’t want to be caught unaware of the procedures that might be done.

Therefore, when you embark to create one you will need to research such procedures and what to expect so that it can ease your tension.

What to keep in mind about birth plans

Every responsible mom who is planning for delivery should have a birth plan.

However, you need to understand what should be included to make it useful and detailed.

This is because it will be used as a reference for what you want during labor and delivery.

Ensure you include details on labor preferences, atmosphere, pain meds, and any other relevant information that will facilitate a smooth process.

However, you should not be rigid over your birth plan because every delivery offers a unique experience.

You need to be flexible and understand that the ultimate goal is to ensure that you have a safe delivery and good baby care.

Birth plan checklist

Having a birth plan checklist is very important because it will help you to gather the necessary information that will be fundamental in documenting your birth plan.

Start by visiting the center where you anticipate to deliver and access labor-management and how they take care of the baby after delivery.

Gather as much information depending on your preferred type of birth.

Once you have all that it takes you can document your plan and ask your doctor to have a look at it and make his recommendations.

When the copies are complete you can proceed and review with your partners before printing the final copy.

You should also present a copy to the hospital so that they can know what you want and advise you on measures that will be taken to adhere to your birth plan as stipulated in the checklist.

A good personalized birth plan should contain

  • Request before birth
  • Request during labor and delivery
  • Vaginal or C – section birth preferences
  • Request for newborn care

Requests before birth

You can make requests before birth based on your preference and the kind of atmosphere that you want. However, you should present your options so that they can.

Be evaluated and recommended.

The following are what you can consider for this particular request.

  • Eating during active labor
  • The people you would like to have in your delivery room i.e your partner
  • Sitting or walking doting labor
  • Have a personalized atmosphere with music
  • Specific birthing positions

Requests during labor and delivery

This is a request that you make giving an elaborate way on how you want your labor and delivery to be handled based on the procedures.

Therefore, ensure you address the following in your request.

  • The use of a catheter or IV
  • Alternative to pain meds
  • The type of birthing to be conducted
  • The use of oxytocin in inducing labor
  • Use of medical intervention to facility smooth delivery.
  • Vaginal Vs C-section

When preparing for your delivery you should acquaint yourself with some medical practices like C-section.

It helps in preparation for unexpected events because you can give your preferences in how you want such a situation to be handled in case it occurs.

The medical personnel can also advise you based on the low-risk practices that will not endanger your life or lead to adverse side effects in the future.

Request for newborn care

After having a safe delivery your focus should be on how your newborn baby will be taken care of right?

Well, for you to present tangible requests on newborn care you need to consider the following.

  • How the umbilical cord will be handled from cutting
  • Holding the baby after birth
  • Having your larger cut the umbilical cord
  • Special request on how to handle the placenta

All these requests have a common objective of ensuring you have an awesome birthing experience.

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Parenthood comes with responsibly straight from giving birth. T

herefore, ensure you have an elaborate birth plan that will suit your needs.

If you have a challenge in creating one you can always use online templates.

Ensure you do adequate research before you make any request.

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This ensures that you make the best decision and be open-minded and flexible so that you can also have an opportunity to incorporate other people’s ideas.

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