Best Labor Positions for Birth (with pictures and examples)

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The labor positions that you choose play a very essential role in birth.

It speeds up birth and it also facilitates safe delivery.

Most positions can be done without equipment.

Before you choose which labor positions are right for you, I have put together this post to help you with a few…

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What labor positions are most comfortable

Labor positions are based on preference that is why it depends on your needs.

The following are the most comfortable positions when it comes to giving birth…

You can lie on your side or sit.

If you have back labor, kneeling, leaning over and putting your hands on your knees is good.

When delivering-side lying or semi-sitting will help you in your delivery but it can be more comfortable when you squat.

Labor positions to speed up delivery

Squatting: this is one of the best labor positions that can speed up delivery.

It helps in opening the pelvis to create more room for the baby to move down. Your partner can help you when doing squatting.

Rocking: rocking can be done by swaying back and forth to induce movement in the pelvis which makes it easy for the baby to descend.

Leaning: you can lean over or kneel because it puts pressure in your back hence encouraging the baby to move forward.

Side lying: this position is effective because it will not compromise with blood flow and you can do it if you are tired with sitting.

Best sleeping positions to encourage labor

The side-lying position: lying on the side is one of the best sleeping positions.

It helps the baby to get more oxygen and it is recommended for those mothers who have high blood pressure.

Additionally, it makes it easy for you to relax during contractions.

Semi reclining: this is a position that is fine in bed and it can be used alongside other medications or epidural anesthesia.

It promotes relaxation by reducing labor pain.

Birthing positions with labor positions to ease birth pain

Squatting birth position: squats are also great when it comes to birthing because they decrease the use of tools such as using vacuum and forceps. It also helps in dilation.

Reclining: this position allows many women to take a break.

It helps in releasing tension by relaxing the muscles. It is a great alternative for a tired woman but she doesn’t want to lie down.

The birthing stool: the birthing stool can facilitate a variety of birthing positions depending on the design.

It increases the dilation of the cervix, relieves stress on the back and it can help the baby to move down.

Kneeling birth position: it is among popular positions because it allows women to have the required break.

It eases back pressure and it relieves the pain of contractions.

Sitting positions that encourage labor

Sitting on a chair backward: sitting backward offers lots of benefits when it comes to labor.

It relieves you from pressure especially if you are experiencing back pain.

Tailor sitting: this is a sitting position where you sit with your ankles crossed and your knees bent.

This can be done on the floor or in bed depending on the position that you find comfortable.

It allows for gravity because it is an upright labor position that facilitates stretching of the back and inner thighs.

Semi-sitting: this is a reclining sitting position which is majorly done in bed.

This sitting position is great when it comes to relaxing which helps in reducing labor pains.

Research has shown that sitting, squatting, walking and standing can shorten the first phase of labor which reduces the chances of having a cesarean delivery.

You need to identify the labor position that you feel is comfortable and it will ease the pain.


The labor positions that I have highlighted in this article will help you during labor and delivery.

Therefore, any labor position is safe when it is done correctly.

So it is important to seek consultation on which position will be easy to do without involving other people to ensure you can manage by yourself comfortably.

Don’t forget to check out the BirthitUp online course here that helps with labor positions and SO much more.

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