What to Expect With a Newborn Baby, the First 48 Hrs

Finally, you met the long waited for bouncing baby, but you don’t know what to expect with your newborn immediately after delivery up to the 48th hour.

You have been concentrating on your health, labor, and delivery so you didn’t mind about your body as well as your first newborn behavior.

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It’s important to also know about the coming hours and days and what is expected and supposed to be done to enhance the well-being of your baby.

Immediately after delivery, chances are that you will adoringly stare your baby in every detail of whether it’s your perfect match.

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Here is What to Expect With a Newborn Baby in the first 48 hours…

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Bonding immediately

After giving birth to your baby, the first few minutes, hours and days are essential when it comes to bonding.

At this time, you are needed to make your first newborn feel loved by skin to skin contact and eye contact.

Stroking your baby’s skin, smiling, making cooing sounds will ultimately show love, adoration, and attention which will bond both of you.

Skin to skin contact calms a baby by allowing him to feel your heartbeat and also knowing your smell.

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What to Expect With a Newborn Baby’s eyesight

When babies are first born they can see but are unable to focus well: babies actually start to focus sharply after a few months.

They can be able to focus best at a distance of around 7 to 8 inches away from their faces.

Although eye contact is vital with them, the process will be slow.

So when you see a weird look from your baby don’t get scared because their eyes’ muscles won’t get strong within a few hours after birth.

Feeding Your Baby

Immediately after a successful and normal vaginal birth, newborns have instincts to crawl to the breast in an attempt to suckle (breast crawl), but if placed on you they won’t require to crawl.

After delivery, you will be encouraged to feed your baby within the first hour.

And in a few days’ time, the baby will be getting the nourishing colostrum that contains antibodies.

The baby may want to feed frequently in the first 20-48 hours.

Not settled and sometimes crying

Crying is a sure way to let you know that something feels wrong thus need attention.

Your baby might have “what the hell is really happening to me” feeling making them look unsettled or cry in the first days.

Most parents agree that their second night can be a bit difficult as this is the time when reality seems to hit the baby. Actually, you won’t enjoy your sleep!

When your newborn cries more just give her a lot of cuddles, feed her as well as holding her against your chest to feel your warmth and heartbeat.

Poop or meconium

I know you prepared yourself for changing dirty nappies, but nothing can get you ready on experiencing your newborn’s first poop.


Because this isn’t a normal poop, it’s a green and black, sticking tarry poop that appears very strange.

Don’t get surprised because of it as this is totally normal.

The first few poops are strange due to amniotic substances and fluids the baby swallowed while in the uterus resulting in meconium formation.

Within a few days, the poop will start to slowly change in color and become yellow. It’s normal for most babies.


In the first few days of your baby’s life, you will come across jaundice. It can make a baby skin or eyes (white part of eyes) look yellowish.

It’s not normal for your baby to develop jaundice during the first day on earth hence once noticed, immediately seek medical attention.

However, mild jaundice at around day 3 is normal: it should clear up within 10 days or so.

Jaundice mostly happen when you had assisted delivery, the newborn was preterm or you are breastfeeding.

It’s caused by the newborn’s immature liver’s inability to breakdown several red blood cells at one time.

Umbilical cord

With no doubt, among the most unusual things about a newborn is the umbilical cord stump.

You will get worried about knocking it or pulling it and hurting the baby when handling him.

Just know how to take care of it by carefully cleaning it. If the stump happens to bleed, have a discharge or appear red, check with your midwife or doctor.

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A new Momma might expect many things with a new baby in the first 48 hours but the above are the main ones.

If you see something you are not sure about just check with your midwife or the doctor. Enjoy every moment of your life with your little one Momma.

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