4 Sleep Tips for Your Reflux Baby

Is your baby spitting back food minutes after eating or is he/she experiencing coughs, hiccups or being more fussy than usual? Then it’s likely your baby has reflux but not to worry, reflux is not life-threatening. You only need to observe some procedures when feeding them to avoid this posseting. Now babies need about 12 […]

6 Important Things to Include in Your Postpartum Kit

Things to include in your postpartum care kit. We spend the entire forty weeks preparing for our baby, but never ourselves; some moms have an extensive and comprehensive list of what their baby should and must-have, but you forget that when that little angel leaves the comfort of your uterus; you have a lot of […]

Discipline Your Kids Without Yelling – 3 Smart Ways

Ways To Discipline Your Kids Without Yelling Don’t we all adore those beautiful bundles of joy, their appealing innocence, great smiles and such pure aura that leaves anyone and everyone smitten in love. That said, the thing with babies is that they grow up from such beautiful unprovoking state and into such youngsters that can […]