8 Wise Tips On How To Prepare Financially For Maternity Leave

For most mothers, getting pregnant is a dream-come-true.

However, preparing yourself for the baby can be a stressful and demanding task.

The task becomes tougher if you are on a budget. Remember that buying all the necessities is already a huge expense.

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), qualified employees are given approximately twelve weeks of unpaid leave.

It means that for those weeks, you will not be earning anything.

Nevertheless, pregnant women are allowed to retain their jobs after they give birth to their child.


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Most mothers are financially stranded during this time.

The following are the MOST important tips that can help you financially prepare for their maternity leave.

1. Understand your rights

Every mother is entitled to specific maternity leave rights.

These rights vary depending on the company’s maternity leave policies and the country’s laws on parental leave.

The good news is that some states provide paid family leave and fund pregnant mothers through short-term disability leave programs.

If you are in such a country, you might receive some money which will help you plan for your maternity leave.

2. Contact your health insurance provider

During pregnancy, healthcare expenses are the most significant expenses that pregnant women incur.

For prior planning, it is advisable to contact your hospital and get an estimate of the bills.

In case they are too high, you might be required to add your unborn child to your health insurance policy.

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3. Develop a good plan

Most women majorly focus on their needs and those of their babies.

The case is different with their employers because they only try to think about how the job will get done once they go on leave.

Workplace experts advise women also to view things from the company’s perspective.

if your company allows you to do some tasks at home for extra money, you can consider doing so.

4. Start saving

Another tip is that you should start saving from all the paychecks that you receive.

You can also save money from reduced expenses.

Instead of spending that money on other things, you should keep it for things that might take place during your maternity leave.

Saving money at such a time might seem impossible, but you can do it as long as you plan carefully and reduce your expenses.

You are going to be shopping for tons of baby stuff and maternity stuff for you as well…

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5. Take a short term disability insurance policy

This policy is appropriate for freelancers, self-employed individuals and employees who are not covered under their employers’ policy.

The policy regards pregnancy as one of the short-term disabilities that prevent employees from working.

If you fall under any of those categories and are planning to get pregnant in the future, you should consider purchasing the policy.

Some employers offer short-term disability benefits to some or all the workers but pay a percentage of the expense.

These policies usually cover six weeks of pay for normal births and eight weeks of payment for cesarean delivery.

6. Limit splurging

Another method to financially prepare for maternity leave is to cut off some luxuries such as going to movies and taking trips.

Alternatively, you can go out once or twice a month or do the movies at home.

Honestly, it’s whatever your budget will allow.

This way, you will be reducing your expenses and at the same time enjoy doing the things that you love.

7. Think long-term

You need to maintain these healthy saving habits even after maternity leave.

Save for your future childcare expenses, increased medical costs and college accounts.

You should also take advantage of the tax credits so that you can reduce your taxable income and save more money.

8. Find a side-hustle job

Try to make more money as you save for your maternity leave.

For instance, you can work in a side hustle job during your pregnancy.

However, do not strain yourself since your health is vital.

These side jobs should be light.

Good examples include doing online business, writing calligraphy for people’s wedding invitations and doing graphics design.

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