Birth Myths That Will Scare You Out of a Natural Birth (5 mythbusters!)

Busting the 5 most common myths about giving birth Being a parent is one of the most challenging things ever. As a pregnant women, you’ll always be told a lot of stories relating to labor, birth, and parenthood. While 80% of these stories are worthwhile, the remaining 20% is misleading and could cause unnecessary fears. […]

6 Magical Benefits of a Natural Birth

Reasons to have a natural birth There are two birth options medicated and unmedicated. ✅ If you are super serious and determined to have a natural birth then you would completely benefit from checking out Mommy Labor Nurse, she is a labor and delivery nurse who specialized in all kinds of births (especially natural ones). […]

How to Create a Solid Birth Plan {exactly what to include & request}

Birth plans for first time moms The most important day of a mom’s life is when she is giving birth. It is a period that you have to make major decisions on how you want your labor and delivery to be and still make some wishes. Well, I know you have heard about creating a […]

How to Document Your Pregnancy {5 creative ways}

Pregnancy memory ideas – cute ways to track pregnancy Have you ever heard of Writing Therapy? The basic premise regarding this concept is that journaling can enhance your sense of well-being, improve your working memory and according to a study, journaling for at least 20 minutes a day can lower your depression. Generally, documenting your […]

7+ Super Helpful Tips for A Natural Birth in A Hospital Setting

How to have the most natural birth in a hospital Having a natural birth is a desire of every mom. Approximately 85% of women anticipate having a natural birth. It is possible to have a successful one. There are also lots of benefits that are associated with having a natural birth. I have decided to […]