7 Last Minute Things to do Before Baby Arrives

Last minute things to do before baby comes Being alone with your newborn baby can be tiring, and help can be invaluable. Even before the birth of your baby, you most likely received hundreds of stimuli and advice, often unsolicited. Looking for a simple way to prepare for baby?: Read my Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner […]

Best Labor Positions for Birth (with pictures and examples)

Hello! My name is Jennifer. I am a mama to one beautiful little boy and am dedicated to helping women like you during their first trimester of pregnancy and beyond. I find solutions for YOU and share them everyday here on this blog… (like this super helpful pregnancy journal and planner my readers are loving) The labor positions that […]

Birth Myths That Will Scare You Out of a Natural Birth (5 mythbusters!)

Busting the 5 most common myths about giving birth Being a parent is one of the most challenging things ever. As a pregnant women, you’ll always be told a lot of stories relating to labor, birth, and parenthood. While 80% of these stories are worthwhile, the remaining 20% is misleading and could cause unnecessary fears. […]