6 Christmas Traditions Your Kids Will Never Forget

Christmas traditions to start with your kids

Christmas is the most magical time of year, bringing joy to folks all around the world.

It’s a time when family members gather and get to spend a few days together, spreading warmth and doing good.

It’s no wonder children are especially fond of this holiday – they get to see all their loved ones who are often too busy working and don’t have the time to or live far away.

There’s a wonderful smell of hot chocolate, cookies, and delicious homemade dishes.

Not to mention, children usually receive various gifts which is another incentive to adore this holiday.

Here are a few traditions that will ensure that the little ones will most definitely remember.

Decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music

Nothing says “Christmas” like decorating the tree.

It’s a tradition that dates many years back and has made its way into everybody’s Christmas itinerary.

This wonderful activity brings the family closer than ever and signifies the coming of the long-awaited holiday.

However, decorating while having some Christmas music playing in the background brings the experience to a whole different level. This christmas music can really bring on the christmas cheer!

It allows everybody to immerse themselves into the activity and get into that lovely Christmas mood.

Elf on the shelf

The elf on the shelf is a fun tradition where a scout elf is sent to your house to monitor their behavior and make sure they are not naughty.

The elf then travels to the North pole every night to report the “data” they’ve gathered to Santa.

It’s a great incentive for the kids to be on their best behavior and teaches them that it will always be rewarded.

Making a handmade ornament every year

This is a nice bonus to the tree decoration.

It’s a wonderful task that employs creativity and hand-crafting skills.

This christmas ornament decorating kit I found on Amazon makes it super fun and simple to create ornaments with my son.

It’s a great activity to consider because it will leave a physical reminder of every year.

It’s awesome to have an item you can associate with a specific year.

Whenever a family member looks at a specific ornament, it will evoke pleasant memories from its making, as well as from the Christmas it was made.

Sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall

Seeing Santa and sitting on his lap is a dream come true to children.

After all, he is the loving, bearded old man that brings them presents every year.

Who wouldn’t want to meet him?!

These “meet and greets” usually happen at the local mall, which involves waiting in line for Santa.

That may also be a plus because it’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to meet someone their age, perhaps this someone will become their best friend.

Even if that doesn’t happen, they will have seen their beloved Santa, which is incredibly exciting.

Opening presents on Christmas Eve

There is some debate on this topic.

Some people open their presents on Christmas morning, some do on Christmas Eve. It is a matter of preference.

My family opens the majority of our presents on christmas eve (we have a huge party with entire family), then opens morning presents with immediate family on christmas day.

Deciding to do it on Christmas Eve can be turned into a nice family tradition that the kids will surely love.

Honestly, I don’t know what christmas is without our christmas eve parties.

Donating old toys to kids in need

I have been teaching my son to donate his old toys before getting more christmas presents and he’s been doing it ever since he was 2. (he is 7 now and still loves it)

Donating is a beautiful and rewarding act that teaches children it’s good to help the less fortunate whenever they get a chance.

It is scientifically proven that donating brings benefits to both parties by increasing happiness and actually promoting health through the release of certain feel-good hormones.

Studies show that 85% of Americans have donated to charity.

If we teach our children to give back, this percentage is going to increase and the world will become a better place.


Christmas is a holiday like no other that children simply adore.

These are some traditions that will spice things up and help make the holidays even more satisfying, interesting, and personal for everybody.

Consider including them in your plan for the perfect Christmas and get ready for an unforgettable December.

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