13 Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Best cleaning hacks for busy moms

Truth be told, there are times when as a mom, you have to do a lot of cleaning within a short time, right?

This is especially true for working moms who are by nature extremely busy all the time.

Tending to your kids and doing other things can prove to be difficult of course.

If that rings true for you, don’t feel overwhelmed anymore as this article has got you covered.

We are going to look at a few actionable time-saving cleaning hacks for moms so that by the time you are done reading through them, you will be surprised by the difference you can make within your routine.

Read on.

Time Saving Cleaning Hacks For New Moms…

So, what is the average time that we use for cleaning?

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015), the average person of over 15 years dedicates 66 minutes daily, to cleaning.

That said, how can you perform your cleaning duties using less time?

Here’s how, use these awesome time saving hacks!

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Clean Walls With a Swiffer or Dust Mop

Is there a better way to clean walls than with a swiffer or dust mop?

Probably not.

Swiffers will help you wipe the whole wall at once.

Using a swiffer is just easy and faster as compared to wiping a bit by bit using your hands and a wet cloth.

Dust mops will also help you save a lot of minutes that you would have otherwise used in climbing high walls.

Dusting just made easy!

Clean Plastic Toys in the Dishwasher

Did you know that your ordinary kitchen appliances can save you time?

That is when you use them for other chores.

For example, You can have your dishwasher make quick your work of washing dirty cups and plates.

And since most of your kids’ toys are plastic, you can throw them inside the dishwasher, too.

That is also another way to disinfect them against germs and thus prevent your kids from falling ill.

Disinfect Sponge in the Dishwasher

(found on clean mama)

As they say, dishwashers are true time-savers no matter the household items you want cleaned.

So, how can you sanitize your sponge in say, two minutes or even less?

First of all, it’s important to know that the kitchen sponge harbors most of the bacteria found in the kitchen, This means that it’s easier to find yourself washing it for long.

Instead, you can simply put it in the dishwasher together with utensils.

After disinfecting through a hot cycle, you will have killed 99.9% of bacteria from the kitchen sponge.

That way, your sponge will be ready for use next time you wash the dishes in the sink.

Use Microfiber Clothes for Cleaning Windows

If you want to spend less time dusting your windows, go for microfiber clothes.

That is if you want to save time and achieve the best results possible.

The cloths you use should be damp and clean.

That way, a microfiber cloth like this one will pick up a lot of dirt without leaving behind moisture streaks.

Buy them on Amazon here.

Use Magic Erasers

As a mom, there are times you wish that some magic could just happen and have you handle all tasks before the end of the day.

Such hopes aren’t misplaced as the magic eraser will go a long way to effectively reduce the time you use when cleaning surfaces.

One reason you will love these magic erasers is that it makes cleaning quicker.

The only thing you do is moisten your magic eraser using water and then squeezing it a bit to activate it.

You can use magic erasers on literally any surface and walls.

I especially love using them when my little one accidentally (or purposely) draws on counters and walls with crayons. Does the job perfectly! Trust me, you want these in your life!

Use a Broom Wrapped in Cloth to Dust Off Crown Molding and Fans

(found on real simple)

You want to clean out-of-reach areas in a few minutes?

Well, you can tie a broom in cloth and use it to dust off crown molding and fans, or any other area that collects dust.

It all goes down to being a bit creative.

For example, you can decide to use pillowcases to clean fan blades.

Do you get the idea?

Use Lint Roller for Lampshades

Cleaning lampshades can be frustrating because one, you can’t throw them in your washing machine, and two, cleaning them by hand is time consuming.

Fortunately, you can forgo all those options and opt for a lint roller instead.

You will not only collect much dust and dirt, you will also save a lot of precious time.

>> Buy these lint rollers on Amazon here <<

Use a Catch-All Basket

This is a good option especially if you are looking to declutter your house.

Catch-all baskets are found in high-traffic areas of your house.

If you find one or two items that need to be put away, you can just toss them in the basket and once it is full, you can take it with you and put all the items in it away.

Simple and incredible hack!

This basket is perfect for that.

Simplify Your Cleaners

Think about simplifying cleaners.

Or you can also use many multi-purpose house cleaners so that you won’t have to carry many of them around. (I use and love castile soap for literally everything) This is my FAVORITE brand.

It will not only save you time but also money.

Also, you can get a bit crafty and make some custom cleaners if you wish!

Use a Cleaning Basket

If you want to clean your entire house in a record 5 minutes, then apply a cleaning basket that keeps everything in one place.

Carry your cleaning basket around with you while you clean.

This will help you clean everything up quickly and efficiently when you are taking care of little ones.

Having a cleaning basket like this one will also ensure that you will clean more often because everything is organized and ready to go!

Make Your Bed In The Morning

Making your bed will take only about three minutes of your time, but you will definitely feel how difficult it can be if you chose to o it after work.

After all, who wants to come back from a stressful day to an unmade bed?

Probably no one.

What this means is that making sure to make your bed every day is a good habit if you want to save time for other things.

Besides brightening up your day, it also makes your room look better.

That being said, you can also teach your kids to make their beds, and you will see the difference you will have made by doing so.

Sweep and Vacuum Last

Though both sweeping and vacuum cleaning are good methods for house cleaning, vacuuming is the most effective because it cleans effortlessly.

It also helps you reach areas that you wouldn’t have reached if you cleaned by hand.

This is not to say that sweeping isn’t a good option.

As a matter of fact, sweeping can help you remove dust from your surfaces easily and faster.

These time-saving cleaning hacks for moms are just super easy and convenient that you can follow them and have your entire house clean during nap time!

As you have realized, you can also get a bit crafty if you want!

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13 Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks Every New Mom Should Know