7 Things You Should Never Do in Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

Many women are carried away by the first signs of their pregnancy, especially if it’s their first time. It is crucial to have the right information to eliminate the myths and misconception that surrounds the pregnancy, especially for the first time mothers. Hello! My name is Jennifer. 🙂 I am a mama to one beautiful […]

How to Plan A Baby Shower Step by Step Guide

What comes to mind after hearing the four magical words, We are having a baby?! A baby shower, of course. Readers love: 6 things I wish I did in the beginning of pregnancy Organizing a party with your expectant parents’ friends and family members is the perfect way of expressing congratulations… Aimed at further boosting the […]

10+ Labor and Delivery Tips for Dad

We often feel anxious and confused imagining our partner in labor pain. It is extremely essential for men to comfort their women throughout this difficult process. If you are feeling less than confident, these tips will help you out! ✅ I also always suggest taking this prenatal class for couples too. As the man can […]