6 Important Things to Include in Your Postpartum Kit

Things to include in your postpartum care kit. We spend the entire forty weeks preparing for our baby, but never ourselves; some moms have an extensive and comprehensive list of what their baby should and must-have, but you forget that when that little angel leaves the comfort of your uterus; you have a lot of […]

50+ Best Pregnancy Foods to Eat (ultimate pregnancy diet guide)

Pregnancy Foods to Eat – Daily Diet Tips for The First Trimester When you are pregnant, the first trimester can be full of exhaustion and nausea, and sometimes even a little bit of pain. Hello! My name is Jennifer. I am a mommy to one awesome little boy and I spend my days here on […]

10+ Soft Kinds of Cheese That Are Safe to Eat While Pregnant

Let me guess mama,  you’re here because you’re craving soft cheese?! If not you’ll be craving it after this article! so keep reading! 👇 I’m about to tell you all the cheeses that you CAN eat and the best way to eat them for a happy and healthy pregnancy – yay for soft cheese! Hello! My […]

Amazon Baby Registry: 10 Perks & Benefits for New Moms

A baby registry is a relatively recent innovation that allows expectant parents to form their list of baby items to get as they await the arrival of their baby. The Amazon registry itself is a digital list of infant products from one or more retail stores and having this organized list allows you to stock […]