How to Entertain Your Kids with No Money (100 ideas!)

100 Ways to keep your kid entertained for free

Most kids seem like they need to be entertained 24/7.

I know mine does at least.

A lot of the times entertaining your child costs some dollars.

But what do you do when you don’t have any dollars to spare on child entertainment?

Well mama, you are just going to have to roll up the old sleeves and get creative.

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That means no going to Chuck-E-Cheese, No Fun Depot, not even a trip to the mall to play in the kid area. (because we may be tempted to hit the bath and body works sales am I right?)

Besides doing the obvious things like going to the park or going to the beach.

If you have beaches where you live, then you know most beaches are not free, you actually have to pay for parking.

So that’s out of the question when you are broke. (unless you find parking for free or live close enough to walk)

Here is a list I created with everything I can think of that will help you entertain your kids with NO money…

No spend kids activities

  1. Play board games
  2. Bake cookies
  3. Have a movie night
  4. Build a fort
  5. Take a walk
  6. Play with toys (with them!)
  7. Do arts and crafts
  8. Make something cool with play doh
  9. Make sensory bins
  10. Play video games
  11. Binge watch your favorite shows
  12. Have a dance party
  13. Play freeze dance
  14. Play eye spy
  15. Teach them how to cook something simple
  16. Bake a cake
  17. Decorate a room in the house together
  18. Read a book
  19. Go to the library
  20. Ride your bikes together
  21. Have a picnic outside
  22. Learn something new on YouTube
  23. Print free coloring pages
  24. Do a video chat with long distance relatives
  25. Act out a play
  26. Reread a favorite book
  27. Do finger painting
  28. Do a fitness video together on YouTube
  29. Finish a puzzle
  30. Use sidewalk chalk outside together
  31. Play hopscotch
  32. Do cartwheels
  33. Practice becoming flexible
  34. Rollerblade
  35. Camp in your backyard
  36. Play in a blowup pool in the backyard
  37. Declutter and organize their toys together
  38. Introduce them to a favorite show of yours when you were their age
  39. Paint each others nails
  40. Do each others hair
  41. Watch the sunrise or sunset together
  42. Go to a free beach
  43. Make smores in the backyard together
  44. Make tye-dye shirts together
  45. Fly kites
  46. Go fishing
  47. Ride scooters
  48. Play a card game
  49. Collect shells at the beach
  50. Take pictures
  51. Perform a puppet show
  52. Make homemade slime
  53. Create a family scrapbook together
  54. Hula hoop
  55. Make and fly paper planes
  56. Play soccer outside
  57. Throw a frisbee together
  58. Turn off the lights and make shadow puppets with a flashlight
  59. Plant a garden
  60. Rake the leaves together (and then jump in them!)
  61. Build a tower of cards
  62. Make a vision board together
  63. Play online games
  64. Play dress up
  65. Play hide and seek
  66. Make smoothies together
  67. Make a family scavenger hunt
  68. Have a pillow fight
  69. Start a rock collection
  70. Go on a nature walk
  71. Try a science experiment
  72. Write stories together
  73. Build sand castles
  74. Learn to play music together
  75. Write letters to family
  76. Go to the pool
  77. learn magic tricks
  78. Decorate a pair of jeans
  79. Play hot potato
  80. Make popsicles
  81. Play a trivia game
  82. Make bubbles
  83. Have a water gun fight
  84. Play basketball
  85. Wash and groom the dog together
  86. Decorate cookies
  87. Make art for the house
  88. Learn to play an instrument
  89. Have a nerf gun fight
  90. Explore the neighborhood together
  91. Do karaoke together
  92. Play with the cat
  93. Tell scary stories
  94. Make a scrapbook together of old pictures
  95. Watch home videos
  96. Sing fun songs together
  97. Play pretend school
  98. Race each other in the backyard
  99. Play freeze tag
  100. Make homemade pizza


From what I see above, you really don’t need money to have a good time with your kids.

Your kids don’t need much to be entertained as well.

Let me know what you do with your children to have some no spend fun!

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