7 Daily Habits of Moms with Super Clean Homes

All you need to know about moms with spotless homes

Everyone has that one friend whose house is always fresh and well-kempt, whether there is an occasion or not.

It’s just their way of living.

Perhaps you are that person.

Okay, earnestly speaking, dusting home areas can be a little bit boring and it’s annoying for most people.

specially if you are a mom chasing after young children all day.

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That one you can agree with.

However, if you come up with an effective way of dusting the most critical areas every day, then you’ll find it easy and exciting than you ever thought.

What do these moms do to keep their cleaning motivation daily?

What are their main strategies?

Those might be the central questions running through your mind whenever you think of upgrading your cleaning habits.

Well, worry no more because the following guidelines will motivate you in all ways.

Here are seven incredible daily habits of moms with super clean homes worth adapting.

They Make Their Bed Everyday

Making your bed should be the very first task to perform before starting your day.

Did you know making your bed is a form of a job well done?

Well, this shows you that you’ll complete all your daily tasks effectively.

Remember, simple and small things matter.

Making your bed is one of them.

I really love QuickZip fitted sheets, as a busy mom with kids and trying to keep the house clean I highly recommend these sheets.

They are the best sheets to help make your bed + your kids bed super fast.

There is also a more affordable option like these that will do the same thing. You can check out the QuickZip fitted sheets by clicking here.

Again, it’s the worst feeling coming to an untidy bed after a long day at work and parenting.

This would make you even more tired.

They Tidy Up As They Go

Dusting your home area before you go is the easiest way to keep your home clean.

As you wait for the toast maker to produce your favorite toast and the coffee maker to give the best cup of coffee (this coffee maker brews SUPER fast), utilize that time to do away with dirty dishes around your kitchen.

Leaving dirty clothes lying on the floor is a bad habit.

Consider putting them in the laundry basket to wash later or during the weekend.

This way, you’ll have to sacrifice your sleep by waking up 2-3 hours before work time.

You’ll have time to organize yourself as well as your home without haste.

Also, you’ll save yourself the intimidation of walking into a disorganized house after work.

They Empty the Dishwasher in the Morning

Emptying your dishwasher is the most natural thing you can ever do.

It will just take you 5 minutes or less, depending on the number of dishes.

It will make your work a lot easier in the evening when making supper.

You’ll have ample time to be with your family and rest.

I’m sure there is that Netflix show you are craving.

Well, emptying the dishwasher in the a.m. will give you time to watch and relax at night.

They Do a Small Load of Laundry Every Couple of Days

The worst mistake you can ever make is piling up dirty clothes waiting for the weekend or the day you will be free to clean them.

Mostly, doing a small load of laundry every couple of days is best applicable when you have a large family full of kids.

This will ease your workload, and you’ll have tons of time to do other necessary activities around the house.

Come up with a realistic routine of when you do laundry and make sure to fold the clothes immediately because some people get bored when folding them, thus throwing them into the closet or on that chair in the corner.

That’s a bad habit.

Are you guilty as charged?

Then consider developing effective ways to motivate you when folding the clothes.

You can even listen to your favorite songs and podcasts while doing so.

They Donate What They Don’t Need Frequently

Are you not bored by that worn-out shirt you purchased many years ago?

Well, it’s clear as human beings we tend to get attached to things we love, especially gifts from loved ones.

Do you fall under this category?

Hey you! Yes, you, it’s time to let go.

If you genuinely need that sparkling and neat home, then do away with old pieces of stuff.

Consider donating them to the less fortunate people in the community.

Remember, unused material includes kitchen equipment, living room tools, beddings, worn-out wall décor, shoes, garments, etc.

Donations are effective ways of giving back to the community without expecting anything in return. It will also bring extreme joy and happiness in your heart.

They Clean While They Cook

Did you know that individuals with super clean homes are more exceptional multi-taskers?

Enhancing this habit is quite a task.

Dominate the kitchen when cooking and wipe-off the shelves and used dishes as you wait for your meal to cook.

Also, put back all the spices used and ingredients left after preparing the meal.

This way, it will be easier to locate everything the next time you are making a meal.

Also, a tidy kitchen will motivate you to cook more often.

They Do a Quick Pick Up Before Bed

Before hitting the hay, ensure that you fold couch blankets and clothes, pick up toys around the house…

This way, your morning will be stress-free because you won’t have many tasks to do.

That view of a clean and well-organized house can motivate your day even when you are working therefore becoming more productive and happier as a mother.


Consequently, don’t stress yourself too much about the whole cleaning thing.

You can make a difference by just following the guidelines I have plaid out here in this post.

This way, you’ll be more proud of your home and more willing to invite your friends and relatives to your house.

You will always notice the expression of impressed visitors by the way they complement your organization, all while being a busy mom too!

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