How to Deal with Getting Over a Heartbreak During Pregnancy

How to handle a heartbreak while pregnant

When your expectations and hopes are crushed by a break up during pregnancy, you are left with a feeling of hopelessness.

I am sure you were not planning on going through this during your pregnancy.

However, things are bound to happen, and people break up under different circumstances. But how do you handle it, mama?

Top 3 books to empower you through your breakup while pregnant

This is not an easy thing, but you have no option.

At this time, you are not only responsible for yourself but also for the unborn child you are carrying.

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Imagining being a single mom may be emotionally traumatizing, and this may harm you if not handled properly.

Finding the most effective way to deal with and rebuild your expectations is crucial.

If you find yourself going through a breakup during pregnancy, then this article will help you overcome the situation…

Here are some helpful tips for you moving forward

Give yourself time to grieve

Emotions are always intense during pregnancy.

A lot is going through your mind seeing your hopes and dreams are not going to come through.

Even if you broke up with your boyfriend in a civilized way, you are still hurt as it is difficult to lose a person you had a connection with.

Give yourself some space and pour out your feelings.

Maybe even a movie with tissues and ice cream.

You can sit on the couch and cry, it is ok to do that.

Don’t hold your tears back.

You will cry for a few days or weeks, and it will subside over time.

After this, it will sink into your mind that your boyfriend is no longer going to be with you.

Giving yourself time to grieve is the first process of accepting what has happened.

If you are unwilling to grieve, it might be difficult for you to go to the next step.

Once you are done with grieving, it will be more comfortable for you to move on.

Shift your focus

Sometimes just shifting your focus to what matters most right now, like that precious baby growing inside of you, will keep your mind off the breakup.

Learn how to cope with stress

Accept that you can never change what has happened.

Don’t take yourself to therapy if you can’t admit it’s over.

Whatever the reason is, you are in a better position to overcome things.

Even though stress is unavoidable, learn to cope with it.

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Intense feelings during pregnancy may physically affect your body and also impact the baby.

The good news is that when babies are developing, they are very resilient.

When you can cope with stress, only a small amount of stress hormones will be released.

This won’t leave a noticeable impact on the developing baby.

If you feel the stress is too much, you can seek help from friends or even medical professions.

When you can cope with stress, your baby will grow healthy with no complications.

Move forward and don’t look back

Heartbreak experiences are very traumatizing.

Being able to clear all your memories of your past relationship is very crucial.

You don’t want something to hold you back when trying to move forward.

As hard as this might be, you have no other choice. You also don’t want to make things more complicated as they already are.

Another thing is to do away with the gifts you received from him.

You can throw them away, donate them, but if you can’t let go of them, then place them in a box and store them in the basement or garage.

This will also help you adapt to your new life faster.

Understand breakups in pregnancy are common

When you are done with your initial blow and accepted your situation, it’s now time to move on.

Start rationally seeing things.

Even though there are tough times ahead, think about how many women have gone through this.

It’s apparent that you are not the first and you will not be the last.

Your situation might not be what you wanted, but this is not the end of the world.

There are more women out there who have raised their kids single-handedly since dawn.

Breakups in pregnancy are common, and in the US alone, they’re over 13.5 million single parents.

The earlier you accept this and start preparing yourself, the fewer hurdles you are likely to face.

Your situation might not be what you wanted, but this is not the end of the world.

The earlier you accept this and start preparing yourself, the fewer hurdles you are likely to face.

Get support from friends and family

Breakup during pregnancy is tough, and that’s why the self-esteem of most women may take a plunge.

This may make you withdraw from social interaction for a while.

For some reason, withdrawing yourself is not a bad idea to cope with the breakup.

Kitty cuddles during this time are greatly encouraged.

But this does not mean you lock your family and friends out of your life.

Handling things on your own at this time may make things even more difficult.

Unload the burden you are carrying by sharing out what is eating you.

It feels good when you talk to people who love and understand you.

Close family and friends are the best people to hold on, as they are your best chances of seeing this through.

Once in awhile, accept your friends’ request to go and hang out or take a walk.

Let your family and friends support you through this hard phase of your life for your safety and your kid.

Stay strong

Feeling the life of a baby growing inside, you awaken the strengths you never imagined you had.

There is always that close connection that develops between you and your baby when developing.

In this connection, there is energy and strength that keeps pushing you on. Stay strong and fight for your baby’s well-being.

As you stay strong and move on with your life, you will start seeing things in a different perception.

Your priorities in life will change, and even the feeling you had for your ex-boyfriend.

Don’t concentrate on things that are trying to pull you down. Let the responsibilities awaiting you ahead strengthen you.

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Avoid any major decisions

A break up during pregnancy makes you be in a vulnerable psychological position.

Your influx of pregnancy hormones is always more intense, and you are more susceptible to make decisions based on your emotions.

So why risk and make a decision that will leave you regretting the rest of your life?

Give yourself enough time to get over the breakup completely before you make any major decision.

It’s good to wait until that time that you are confident enough of the choices you are making are 100% yours.

For the period remaining before you deliver, focus on the baby’s development.

Any decision you make may negatively affect you.

Practice forgiveness

Moving on with a clean heart and mind is crucial.

After going through the grieving process, your mind has settled, and you have accepted your situation.

There is no need to hold a grudge with your ex. You want a happy life with nothing bothering you.

Forgive your ex if he wronged you for things to work well on your side.

There are a lot of benefits when you practice forgiveness. When you forgive, you can be able to create contact and talk to your ex.

This does not mean that you want him back, but see how you can raise your kid together with no differences.

All that you need is happiness, and you can get it through forgiveness.

Do not blame yourself

Even though self-reflection is helpful after the breakup, it’s important to learn from those mistakes.

Dwelling on what has already happened and blaming yourself is of no benefit.

Some women take self-recrimination too far and blame themselves on things that are not even their fault.

When you blame yourself, it will lead to resentment and disappointment, which will delay your process of recovery.

Since blame will not change your current situation but traumatize you even more, why put yourself on such a risk?

Focus on yourself and your baby’s health

Your baby’s health should become your priority. For your baby to be healthy, you have to be happy.

It’s clear that the person you thought would be the father will not be in the picture. Don’t stress yourself in getting him back.

Don’t allow your experience with your ex to leave an impact on you.

The essential thing is to create a conflict-free and positive atmosphere as you await the nine months to end.

Focus on things you want in your life, and not those that are stopping you.

Don’t let the feeling of sadness, stress, and loneliness destruct the joy of welcoming your new baby.

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In conclusion

Breakup during pregnancy does not mean you will leave to be a single mother forever.

When you can move on fast and continue with your life, you can still find love again.

Don’t let your current situation become an impediment to your dreams.

Breaking up during pregnancy might even open more opportunities than you ever thought.

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