7 Last Minute Things to do Before Baby Arrives

Last minute things to do before baby comes

Being alone with your newborn baby can be tiring, and help can be invaluable.

Even before the birth of your baby, you most likely received hundreds of stimuli and advice, often unsolicited.

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Here are last minute things to do before baby arrives that will help you cope better with stress and help you get organized and stop the overwhelm…

Prepare for labor

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Having a trusted person next to us during labor and immediately after is crucial to be able to feel calmer and more serene.

Therefore, you should decide now whom to call when the time comes.

Your partner will rightly have to share the fatigue and those moments of fear and despair with you.

Having him next to you will make you feel safer.

Above all, you won’t feel alone in facing labor.

Finalize your hospital bag

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For the birth, it is essential to have a bag ready to take with you to the hospital.

You know, when labor starts, time is running out.

During those moments, it is good that your hospital bag is ready to go as fast as possible!

Additionally, you could leave a little room for other last minute things to add before going to the hospital.

However, you should finalize your hospital bag to have everything you will surely need.

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Create a postpartum recovery kit

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In the first months of life, an infant carrier, bassinet, and a carrycot (plus a car seat) are fundamental to guarantee maximum comfort and safety at every move.

Remember that in the first months of life, it is important to guarantee the baby supine position.

That is, you must provide maximum protection during transport by car with the right car seat.

A postpartum recovery kit will help you focus on your baby.

Thus, create one with maternity pads, disposable mesh underwear, perineal spray (to prevent itching), and a Peri bottle.

If you want more help with postpartum recovery, check out this cute little handbook.

Catch up on laundry

Certainly, you will need some nightgowns, a dressing gown, slippers, underwear, and everything related to your hygiene.

But, how can you do it if you don’t catch up on your laundry?

Having a periodic laundry routine will help you avoid any embarrassment related to dirty underwear.

For one thing, your baby will require you to increase the necessary washing and cleaning.

Thus, it is really helpful not to have to deal with your previous pile of laundry.

Clean and organize the house

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Some expectant mothers experience what psychologists call Nest Syndrome.

To clarify, it appears just in the last weeks, indeed, in the very last days before labor.

So, what happens?

These women see every corner of the house with a critical eye.

In light of the imminent arrival of the baby, they start cleaning the house.

Everything must be clean and well organized. However, this adds to the overall stress.

Therefore, it is better to regularly clean and organize the house before this syndrome has even a chance to set in.

Stock up on household essentials

Stock up on household essentials like toothpaste and toothbrushes, lotions, and body washes.

Then, stock up some essential groceries like oats, canned peas and beans, trail mix, and olive oil.

Especially, you should consider stocking the heavier products and store them in a safe place for easy reach.

Spend quality time with your husband

Finally, do not forget to spend quality time with your husband.

Set a movie night, order some food online or by phone.

For how much stress you are enduring while considering last minute things to do before baby arrives, even your husband will go through a lot too.

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